Payments within Mobile Gaming

November 28, 2013


Recent insights into the Global Gaming Market by “newzoo” show strong metrics for the growth of mobile gaming globally.The Global gaming market predicted to grow by 27.3% annually to double in 2016 and to reach 23.9 billion US dollars. Already 78% of 1.2 Billion gamers worldwide play mobile games.These are indeed heartwarming metrics but there are still some issues which game publisher and developers are facing.

  • Monetization pressure through high investments in game development – full purchase vs. freemium vs. ad sponsoring
  • Converting consumer engagement into a business enabled by a maximum flexible and embedded payment flow while avoiding pre-registration and media breaks.
  • Reaching maximum potential customers with a highly available, easy-to-use and trusted payment channel
  • Selecting the right provider of payment solutions offering scalability of business, competitive payout levels, security in the payment process, market specific support and expertise.
  • Off-deck discoverability and availability of payment outside AppStores and multi-OS support

These are not insurmountable issues however. So if you are one of the many companies whose ad revenues are not high enough –  you can start monetizing through Netsize. Our payment supports all of your business models, may it be one-off purchases, try before you buy, single in-app payments or even subscriptions.

Infographic from Applift

Netsize payment also offers a great user experience that – unlike other payment channels – will not disrupt the consumer’s gaming flow. Our payment channel reaches more than 2 billion consumers in more than 30 key markets with a variety of payment options like “by click” and with no registration required, as mobile operator payment is the native billing method. Netsize is your direct connection to more than 160 mobile networks. Regain valuable margin by excluding indirect parties from your value chain. With only a minimum of extra effort, our commercial and technical setup is ready to support your international expansion plans. We are financially strong, so you can count on receiving all your payouts and without delay. Our local sales and support teams are there to help you optimize your payment flows per market.

Netsize’s payment APIs technically work with all mobile OSs. We are dominant in browser billing including HTML5 (all OSs) and Android native apps. Windows Mobile is supported as well. Use our payment to unleash your business from the AppStores where discovery of your games / apps by consumers is not a guarantee. Instead, direct consumers to your own download sites and promote your services outside the restrictive environment of an AppStore.  

Author: Christian Georg


See the entire infographic from Applift here 

New payment methods will generate $75B on consumer apps by 2017

November 18, 2013

According to a recent Juniper Research report, more than $75B will be spent on consumer apps through new payment methods by 2017.  Moreover, in markets where direct operators billing has been implemented, conversion rates are ten times higher than in markets proposing other mobile payment options.


The proportion of revenue from apps paid will fall to “almost a quarter” of the total. Thereby, in-app purchasing and freemium have become the prevalent business models. Netsize proposes new and innovative direct billing solutions, SDK for Android™ and WebApp Billing. Through ours solution, we enable end-users to pay for digital goods from merchants websites and applications stores via their mobile phone bills.

In order to provide an open standard for a growing number of applications, Netsize proposes a large direct billing coverage with direct connections in 160 countries for all our mobile payment products

With its direct billing solutions, Netsize improves the customer’s mobile commerce experience and is a growth driver for the mobile payments industry. We help you to reach more consumers and grow your revenues.

If you would like to know more about Netsize and our mobile payment solutions, we will attend Mobile Gaming Europe in London on 20th and 21st November


Easy as A2P for agencies, brands and marketers

November 5, 2013

Despite competition from email, IM, push notifications and more, the SMS text message cannot be beaten for simplicity, ubiquity and reliability. The fact is, people read texts. This is why all kinds of companies are using text to improve vital services. This is why marketing agencies are becoming more knowledgeable about offering their clients a range of services that include SMS delivery of messages.

Unsurprisingly, consumers are also far more likely to respond to SMS. A 2012 study by direct marketing specialist Cellit found text produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing when used for redemption, data collection and brand awareness. What’s more, a database of mobile numbers is generally more accurate than those of other media. People can give false postal and email addresses, but when they text in to a shortcode or divulge ‘digits’ to a registration process, their details are usually robust. And even when people change their handset, the SIM remains the same.

Easy as A2P for agencies, brands and marketers! And to find out more join me at the mobile agency masterclass in London on Wednesday November 5th.

And we will tell you why, all over the world, enterprises are waking up to the power of SMS as a communications channel and find out why, according to Informa, A2P (application to person) messaging represented 4.5 per cent of total SMS volume in 2011.

Peter Garside – Netsize

Phone billing, in-app payments and independent Android stores

October 22, 2013

Developers can make big money by combining these three ingredients.
A new white paper by Netsize explains how…

The smartphone space is increasingly dominated by Android. Every year the OS increases its market share in ‘mature’ economies, while the rise of affordable Android devices is creating millions of first-time smartphone users in developing markets.

Meanwhile the app market is exploding. Last year alone, people downloaded over 13 billion of them. However, history shows us that Android users do not like paying for apps. Instead, they prefer the ‘freemium’ model in which they can download the app for free, and then buy ‘in-app’ items, extensions and subscriptions.

One way to monetize these payments is with a debit/credit card. But it’s estimated that there are 1.7 billion people in the world who own a mobile phone but don’t have a bank account. So developers that offer only card billing are ignoring this army of users – and denying themselves a huge sales opportunity.

The best alternative is phone billing, which is available on the many new independent Android app stores. It has the potential to reach every customer. It also offers the smoothest payment flow – sometimes with just one click. Clearly, developers need an easy and flexible solution to build a ‘charge to mobile’ option into their apps.

Netsize offers such a system. Its SDK can deliver:

  • Coverage in multiple currencies and over 50 countries by 2014
  • Weekly and monthly subscriptions
  • No installation warnings to deter users
  • A simple SDK that can be implemented in days
  • Customization of payment screens to your brand
  • Support for 99.8 per cent of Android devices and OS types
  • A choice of payment flows including ‘single click’
  • The same payment experience on 3G and wi-fi

Developers can make big money from in-app payments. This new white paper from Netsize explains in clear detail how they can unlock this new income using mobile billing. For your free download click here.

Ruff riders – from London to Amsterdam

October 16, 2013


On Tuesday October 15th, the brave RUFF Riders started on their 215 KM ride for charity from Canary Wharf, London and will end at World Telemedia in Amsterdam. The Ride which is sponsored by companies in the mobile Payment and Content space is raising money for Cancer Research UK and The Bobby More Fund.

Riders include Netsize’s very own Peter Garside and Allister Fraser riding with a cross section of riders and colleagues from our industry. Tim Williams, Felix Telecom, Stephane Allimant – Atlas Interactive, Simon Brennan –  Oxygen8, Gary Corbett  – Oxygen8, Robert Kelsey – Premier Communications, Peter Garside –  Netsize, Allister Fraser – Netsize, Mark Birkett, – Square One Communications, Benedict Doonan, – Square One Communications, Robert Johnson – Telecom2, Rory Johnson – Telecom2, Darren Rogers –  Telecom2, Stuart Turner – TeleSurf Ltd.

If you see them, CHEER the “RUFF Riders” as they complete their epic 210km journey from London to Amsterdam by bike – they aim to create quite an impression as supporters and riders will be asked to wear CURLY WIGS in homage to Alex Ruff. You can also welcome them 17:00 to 18:00 (16th October), De Kroonprins Café, Amsterdam (opposite NH Barbizon Palace Hotel).
They are raising money for The Bobby Moore Fund in memory of Alex Ruff (18/5/1967 – 8/2/2013) so please – WEAR YOUR WIG WITH PRIDE!

Money going digital

October 15, 2013

The idea of using your phone to buy something other than airtime has been around since the first premium rate text services were launched a decade ago. Today, virtually all consumers have used mobile to buy a digital product, vote for a TV show or make a charitable contribution. But as we move into 2013, the mobile payments space is ready for the next phase in its evolution. Get ready for an era of mobile wallets, banking services, barcode and contactless payments, social commerce and more.

Why now? Well, the first big reason is that money is going digital. Consumers have become comfortable with online transactions, so it’s logical they should migrate these activities to their mobile phones. The second main reason is the technical capabilities of the phones themselves. The 2013 smartphone is always connected to the web and comprises a touchscreen that makes previously complex interactions pretty straightforward. It’s far easier to move money around when it requires swiping, dragging and dropping rather than myriad key presses on multiple screens. Third is the surge of interest among brands, operators, merchants and banks. In their own ways, they are each exploring the potential of the technology.

An excerpt from the Gemalto Netsize Guide – To read the rest of this fact filled interesting guide…

Mobile is the world’s most important communication channel

October 15, 2013

The Gemalto Netsize guide that was released earlier in the summer is a must-have for anyone interested in how mobile is changing the way people shop, pay and bank. With interviews, opinion pieces and features from a rich selection of industry leaders, the Gemalto Netsize Guide is available as a free PDF download on

The arrival of the smartphone and an always-on data connection makes the mobile device a secure channel for personal banking or for making payments to merchants and friends. The implications for consumers, retailers, financial services, handset manufacturers and telcos are exciting and this year’s M- Commerce on the move guide takes a global look. It explores the big issues of security, identity, privacy, social commerce as well as mobile wallets, In-app micropayments and money transfer, operator billing and messaging and NFC.

Mobile has became the world’s most personal and important communications channel and it is  increasingly necessary for many kinds of industries to have a mobile strategy in order to evolve in the commercial world. Since it is the channel that consumers use in all aspects of their lives and which enterprises must also integrate into their businesses, we have looked at the entire length of the M – commerce value chain in this edition of the Guide.


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