5 mobile analytics tools in the Netsize Services Portal

May 9, 2012

Popular with Netsize customers, little known to others: the Netsize Services Portal. This extranet web portal is the perfect way to access a variety of applications, information on running services and administrative affairs. It is available to anyone with a Netsize product trial or production account.

Sign-up to the Netsize Services Portal is free. Once you’re signed up, you can enable free product trials and download market reports and product documentation with a single click.

You automatically have access to mMarketing, the easy to use enterprise messaging and mobile marketing campaign tool.

Five online analytics tools provide you with data on your operational services:

  • Real Time Statistics enable you to monitor the state of your service and its transactions in real time. They provide quick and easy access to your live traffic.
  • Dashboard shows transactions over a given period. Filters can be applied to show results based on service, country, mobile operator and message type.
  • Statistics Summary shows the revenue your service generates. In one click you can observe the number of transactions by country in the past day, week and month, as well as the trend.
  • Query Tool enables you to retrieve transactions for a given mobile number, using criteria such as message status, country, mobile operator and service. It provides detailed transaction results. The tool helps you to support and monitor existing services and develop new ones.
  • Traffic Analyzer is a web-based interface with flexible filtering and graphical options to slice and dice your traffic data. Customized views and dashboards allow for easy presentation. Data can be exported in different formats, including CSV and XLS.

Other reporting options are available upon request. The Traffic Cube is an Excel sheet that includes the full historical traffic of your account or service. It is emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly.

Give it a try and start your experience with the Netsize Services Portal today.


Gemalto, Netsize Launch Brand New Netsize Guide by Gemalto: Truly Mobile

November 29, 2011

The Netsize Guide by Gemalto

Gemalto and Netsize launch the brand new Netsize Guide by Gemalto today, the comprehensive reference work on the state of mobile technology and its impact on business and society.

Available as a free PDF download today from www.netsize.com, the 10th edition has identified three themes that characterize the state of mobile today and its future:

  • Transaction – How we’ve come to rely on mobile devices for commerce from researching products to making purchases.
  • Transformation – How mobile devices are increasingly driving content, communications and connectivity.
  • Trust – How we require — and will soon demand — simple, transparent services and devices we can trust.

Aptly titled Truly Mobile, The Netsize Guide by Gemalto underlines these three key themes, supported by insights and interviews with over a dozen senior executives from companies across the business ecosystem including ARM, Atlas Premium Brands, BNP Paribas, CMO Council, The Coca-Cola Company, Gameloft, GlobalPlatform, Informa Telecoms & Media, Millennial Media, SingTel, Texas Instruments, Trusted Logic, Yahoo! and others.

We thank Peggy Anne Salz — chief analyst and publisher of MobileGroove.com, a top 50 source of analysis and commentary on all things mobile — who once again did a great job of interviewing the companies and writing the theme chapters of the book.

Highly rated …

In its 10-year history the Netsize Guide has built a large and loyal audience of readers who rate it among their must-read industry resources.

According to a 2010 survey of Netsize Guide readers, the majority of respondents — that is to say, YOU — gave the Netsize Guide high marks indeed! On a scale of 1-to-10, 75 percent of respondents gave the book an ‘8’ or higher. Specifically, 37 percent gave it an ‘8’, 29 percent gave it a ‘9’ and 9 percent awarded it a perfect ’10’. You also told us you consider the Netsize Guide to be better or much better than other mobile industry reports. Allow us to thank you again for your participation in our survey and for your high appreciation of our work!

Packed with stats …

In line with our long track record for excellence the Netsize Guide by Gemalto uniquely brings together a wealth of market statistics from its partners Informa Telecoms & Media, comScore and SocialBakers. The 220-page book is packed with detailed market forecasts that reveal current operator market share, smartphone penetration, and consumer usage of mobile apps and social network Facebook across over 40 countries, and 3-year forecasts (2011-2014) for selected data.

An expert resource for benchmarking and planning …

Covering the use of mobile technologies for business and entertainment applications, the Netsize Guide has served as a beacon for business professionals and executives across industry sectors for a decade. Its unique format represents a balance of thought leadership and exclusive C-level interviews with in-depth market analysis, practical case studies and a wealth of practical mobile telecommunications data. Thus, the Netsize Guide by Gemalto is an indispensible knowledge resource for benchmarking and planning mobile services, allowing mobile professionals everywhere to stay up to date with mobile trends.

… available today as a free pdf download

The Netsize Guide by Gemalto is available as a free pdf download directly from the Netsize website and from our global launch partners including: 4A’s, AIME,the Mobile Data Association (MDA), Mobile Entertainment, the MEF, MobileGroove and ServicesMobiles.

We are confident you will enjoy reading this Netsize Guide by Gemalto and benefit from its insights. It is an essential read certain to serve you well as an industry reference for the year to come. Please feel free to contact us any time with your comments or ideas via Twitter (@NetsizeGuide and @NetsizeCorp), email [guide (at) netsize.com] or our websites www.gemalto.com and www.netsize.com.

Alexander Vlasblom
Marketing Communications Director, Netsize & Trusted Logic

New Netsize Survey Reveals Pent-Up Demand for Mobile Commerce and Shopping

August 31, 2010

Majority of respondents would use their mobiles to buy big-ticket items

Netsize, the leading mobile commerce and communications enabler, today released “Unlocking the Value of Mobile Commerce”, a report that examines the role of mobile in (online and physical) retail and commerce.

The free report includes exclusive research on the value amounts that people are ready for and willing to pay through their mobile phone for pricey items that go beyond the usual mix of transport tickets and parking tokens.

The report contains data from a Netsize survey of 1,000+ mobile professionals and practitioners and concludes that mobile payment is poised to super-charge shopping as users show a significant interest in buying digital and physical goods and services with their mobile phone. Read the rest of this entry »

Mobile Commerce Going Mainstream: Marks & Spencer Converts Browsers To Shoppers

July 12, 2010

In brief: Moving on with another in the “best of” selection of executive interviews from the Netsize Guide 2010. This week we speak with M&S, a major U.K. retailer to find out how mobile is improving the consumer journey from browsing to basket. Sienne Veit, Social and Mobile Commerce Development Manager, M&S Direct, discusses the technology (2D barcodes, mobile coupon vouchers) and techniques (reaching out to people who have opted in for marketing messages) that deliver success.

The evidence is mounting for a new and profound mobile mega-trend: retail is going mobile. In fact, a weekly roundup of must-read mobile permission marketing news from Optism points us to survey results from Harris Interactive (commissioned by Placecast) that show mobile marketing messages delivered to people who ask for them have indeed influenced their decision to purchase goods.

Specifically, location-based mobile alerts have led a third of women 18 to 34 to visit a store. More importantly, 27 percent of respondents in that demographic said mobile messages have impacted their decision to buy in a physical store. (More in this worthwhile and detailed post from Internet Retail.)

The observation that the physical and digital worlds are morphing also formed the core focus of the Netsize Guide 2010. The mobile analysis and almanac tracked the impact of mobile on a variety of verticals (including retail) and showed (through case studies) how major players are using mobile to achieve real results.

Netsize is also gearing up to release another in its series of industry insight reports. The first two in the series focused on the app store business models and payment mechanisms that will most likely separate the developer leaders from the also-rans. (Download) The next in the series will again draw from a survey of 1,000+ mobile professionals to measure interest in mobile commerce and identify effective approaches.


Sienne VeitExpansion into new markets and new marketing methods is a top item on the agenda for Marks & Spencer (M&S). The company, one of the leading retailers in the U.K., is a mobile maverick. The sharp focus on future growth and ways to improve the customer shopping experience has led M&S to launch a series of innovative mobile marketing campaigns, including a nationwide trial of 2D barcodes. Sienne Veit, Social and Mobile Commerce Development Manager, M&S Direct, talks about the role of mobile and the company’s wider strategy to improve the customer journey from browsing to basket.

Read the rest of this entry »


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